Wireless Wide Area Network

Get Mobility with a Wireless Wide Area Network

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Wireless Wide Area Network

Get Mobility with a Wireless Wide Area Network

WSI has managed the installation of several wide area wireless networks for financial institutions and municipalities. These networks can save an organization thousands of dollars over the cost of T1’s and T3’s that would otherwise be needed to connect separate offices.

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Common Wireless Wide Area Network Questions

'’m not sure if I should go with a wireless WAN or a T1, how do I decide?

WSI has managed the installation of both types of networks for several clients. Our experience in this field will be used to give you the information you need to decide which system is right for your business. Either way WSI is able to be there to assist you from start to finish. WSI has all the necessary telcom and wireless industry contact to allow us price out both solutions for you. This can be a messy, confusing and time consuming process. Since we do it routinely, we are able to rapidly assess your options and work with you on deciding what is best for your business.  Contact us today for a free estimate to help get you on the right path.

What kind of performance can I expect from a wireless WAN?

Depending upon the equipment selected for your project, speeds up to the speed of a wired LAN are possible. Most of the wireless equipment we work with today can easily and affordably delivery multiple T1’s of performance.  Contact us today for a free estimate to see if a wireless WAN is for you.

Is a Wireless WAN Secure?

WSI will work with you to insure that it is as secure as possible. We primarily recommend wireless technology that uses equipment that is more sophisticated and operates in a completely different spectrum than the wireless LAN hardware that everyone is familiar with today.

I’ve heard that hills and trees can cause problems with these types of networks, how is that overcome?

WSI will make sure that the proper topographical surveys are conducted prior to pricing out your wireless WAN. If necessary, towers can be constructed to over come these obstacles.  Contact us today for a free estimate to get your wireless WAN up and running.

My business is not located in Iowa, but I would like to work with WSI, how could you work with me?

Much of the all important planning and budgeting for a wireless WAN can be conducted from our offices in Iowa. Topographical maps will be used to determine the feasibility of the project. This type of work is sufficiently specialized that it is often necessary to bring in skilled licensed professionals. WSI subcontracts leading organizations who build towers and install the sophisticated radios.  Contact us today for a free estimate to see how we can work with you.

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