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The experts at Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI) possess extensive experience in bespoke eLearning design and development. Whether it's an entire eLearning program or just a few modules you need, WSI is the ideal choice to ensure your project is completed on schedule and within budget. We're the eLearning firm that can help achieve your objectives.

With over two decades of engagement with custom eLearning solutions, WSI has established itself as one of the top companies nationwide specializing in unique eLearning design and development. Our commitment to refined custom-made learning solutions distinguishes us from other firms in this field.


eLearning Company | eLearning Development Project Scoping

Project Scoping and Requirements Identification

WSI offers consultative project scoping services to help customize your training solution needs. We can generate design and development documents or a request for a proposal customized to your needs, involving you as much or as little as you prefer in kickstarting this process. We can create customized design and development documents based on your requirements. Your involvement in initiating this process, which includes your training solution visions, can be as extensive or minimal as you wish.

eLearning Company | eLearning Development Project Scoping

eLearning Design and Development

WSI specializes in transforming your traditional training materials, such as manuals and PowerPoints, into engaging eLearning, gamification, and virtual learning experiences. We offer instructional design, graphic design, development, and quality assurance services to deliver courseware that not only aligns with the educational objectives but also surpasses your anticipations. Our eLearning solutions are flexible and accessible anywhere, anytime on any device.

eLearning Company | eLearning Development Project Scoping

Training Effectiveness Analysis

Wondering if your training was successful? Curious about its impact on your business? WSI can assist in evaluating the success of your eLearning programs by examining changes in employee behavior and the return on investment for your organization. If you lack the time or resources to measure effectiveness, we're here to help.

eLearning Company | eLearning Development Project Scoping

Learning Management System (LMS) Administration

WSI provides essential guidance and resources for managing Learning Management System (LMS) services, guaranteeing the successful execution of your training programs via LMS configuration and oversight. Our services include suggesting appropriate LMS choices, establishing and deploying the selected LMS, uploading and configuring courseware and users, along with offering technical assistance.


Consider the following examples showcasing our previous work for other clients. Reflect on potential topics within your organization that could be transformed into eLearning materials. Envision disseminating your content through these diverse methods.

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