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Legacy Conversion

Update Old Applications to Current Desktop Applications

Converting Legacy DOS, SCO Zenix, Pascal, Borland, Q-Basic, Clipper, Clarion, RBase, Cobol, AS-400 and Unix Applications into modern Windows or Linux Applications.

Does your business depend on an old program that is difficult to obtain support or updates for?

If so, your business may be a good candidate for a new custom application written in a modern programming language. WSI has helped businesses move from antiquated applications that no longer meet their needs or are compatible with new hardware and modern versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Many once great programs are no longer viable or provide advanced features such as integration with mobile devices or your web site. If your business is hampered by such a program WSI may be able to remove this obstacle to your success.

You may also find that your current software vendor only cares about receiving another annual support fee from you without providing any additional value. WSI only charges support fees when you request new features for your program or need assistance using existing features. WSI's industry leading software warranty covers any deviations from agreed upon specifications.

WSI can add new capabilities like integration with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP. WSI will migrate your existing data from the old to the new system, so you can resume working right where you left off.

Do you find yourself requesting new features for your program and being told that not enough users are asking for the feature so it will not be implemented? If so, you really need to consider WSI. Every feature request submitted to WSI is replied to with a formal proposal for implementing the feature including the cost to do so. If you do not feel the price for adding the feature is reasonable you are welcome to retain another firm, implement the feature yourself or hire a programmer to implement it for you. WSI will always provide you with the latest source code for your program upon request. At WSI we want to continually earn your business, not hold it hostage.

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Common Questions

Will the new system be able to access my existing data?

In most cases it is possible for WSI to import your existing data into the new system but not always. The determination of whether or not this is possible is made prior to your approving any work from WSI.

We don't have a huge budget - won't it be too expensive?

Because today's modern programming languages allow our skilled to developers create more complex programs in less time than ever before it is very likely that WSI can build what you need at a reasonable price. When you factor in the high licensing cost, support cost and lack of flexibility of most vertical market packages the cost of custom application may be less than you think.

I'm worried that a custom solution from WSI, will just tie my business to WSI, how can this be avoided?

Should you elect to have WSI build a new program for you, it is our policy to provide you with the source code to your application. WSI avoids using any proprietary tools or systems that would inhibit you or another firm from maintaining the program or adding on to it. Furthermore, we work in the most commonly used programming languages in the market today, to make this even easier for you.

About Us

WSI is a small business and a leading provider of custom programming and database solutions for government entities, Fortune 1000 companies, and emerging businesses. We are your custom development experts.