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Today ransomware attacks continue to proliferate while growing in sophistication. It was bad enough when hackers simply encrypted your data. You could restore from backup, assuming they hadn't encrypted your backups too. Of course, an offline backup would thwart that. Now hackers are lurking longer inside your network before encrypting your data. They use this time to exfiltrate your data which may contain confidential information. If you refuse to pay their ransom not only, will they not decrypt your data they will release your data onto the Internet.

Short of never connecting your computer to the Internet we've put together what we believe to be one of the most secure network configurations available today. Most of our competitors' methods are to harden your Windows desktops and servers. This is a good approach and WSI does offer this too. The following approach is truly the next level. It does involve a bit more inconvenience in exchange for far greater security.

Instead of using vulnerable Windows based computers we install Chromebooks. The Chromebooks are managed and secured using Microsoft's powerful Intune, Entra ID and Information protection technology that comes with Microsoft 365 Business Premium which as of the time this was written costs $22.00 per month with a 12-month subscription and you get much more with it. Visit Microsoft for more details or contact WSI today. Forget about paying for both a Microsoft 365 subscription and the large additional fee that most MSPs (managed services provider) charge. Our management fee is typically much smaller, or you can self-manage, and purchase as needed support from WSI when you experience difficulties.

WSI can remotely configure and deploy this for you anywhere that has electricity and Internet connectivity. You will not be able to use the desktop versions of Microsoft's Office applications. You will be able to use their web versions and all your organization's web-based applications as well as popular web applications like QuickBooks.

You can control what or if any applications are or can be installed on the Chromebooks, including browser extensions. For a reasonable cost we can deploy a trial network for you. You can then click on every phishing link in every malicious email you get and see how this configuration performs. If you agree that this is perhaps the highest degree of safety and security available today, we will deploy your new Chrome/Microsoft network and you will be able to sleep better.

If you are in medical, financial, government, energy or any other industry that requires the best possible security you need our Chrome/Microsoft network. Now even small organizations can have world class network security that is affordable.

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