Data Driven and Dynamic Websites

Data Driven Websites that Deliver Dynamic Content

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Data Driven and Dynamic Websites

Data Driven Websites that Deliver Dynamic Content.

A data-driven website refers to a website that leverages data analytics to enhance its functionality and user experience. The benefits of a data-driven website include:

Improved User Experience: Data-driven websites can provide a personalized experience to users based on their previous interactions and behavior on the site. This can lead to increased engagement and user satisfaction.

Better Decision Making: A data-driven website can provide valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends. This data can help businesses make informed decisions about website design, content, and marketing strategies.

Increased Conversions: By analyzing user data, businesses can optimize their website to improve conversion rates. This could include changes to the site's layout, messaging, or calls-to-action.

Cost Savings: By using data to optimize website design and marketing strategies, businesses can reduce the costs associated with trial-and-error approaches. This can also lead to improved ROI for marketing campaigns.

Competitive Advantage: A data-driven website can provide a competitive advantage by enabling businesses to better understand and respond to their customers' needs and preferences. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and retention.

A dynanmic website is a very powerful tool as changes to your website content can be made by updating your database instead of tedious website updates that can take hours. Winning Solutions, Inc (WSI) has developed a number of Data Driven Websites. Whether you need to pull data from your accounting system, your CRM system or your custom system that you've already developed, WSI is ready to help your turn your website into a data driven site where appropriate.

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Common Data Driven Website and Dynamic Content Questions

I have an Accounting System/CRM System that contains a lot of data that we would like to make available to our clients - can this be done?

Depending on the systems you use and if we can get access to the data, there is a great likelihood that you can present the data you want to your clients. Contact us today for a free estimate to begin sharing your data with your clients.

We have our website developed, but want to add some database functionality into it - is something you can help us with?

You bet!!! A WSI programmer can analyze your wants and help you begin the process of turning your site into an active, dynamic site utilizing databases that you already have built and developed. If you don't have the databases built, WSI can help you develop those and integrate them into your site. Contact us today for a free estimate to start turning your site dynamic today.

We like what we see and want to begin a relationship with WSI, however, we're located hundreds of miles away from your office - will this work?

WSI has had numerous relationships with clients that were not located in either our Ames Iowa or Ft. Myers Florida locations. Depending on the scope of the application, face to face meetings are not necessary to develop a custom application remotely. Our attention to detail and customer service has helped us deliver many systems without ever having a face to face discussion with the client. Contact us today for a free estimate to begin your relationship with us.

Data Driven and Dynamic Website Samples

Winsol - Ames Iowa

The lifeblood of WSI - Winsol is our way of managing billable time, projects, sub-projects, tasks, customer information, etc. It is also equipped with an in/out board, a pager gateway, vacation/PTO requests and much, much more. Be sure and visit the site to see an example of a data driven site that integrates into an existing accounting system.

Bilbrey Insurance Services - Johnston Iowa

Bilbrey Insurance and WSI have had a very beneficial 10 year relationship. Bilbrey initially came to WSI with the desire to get their member information into an Access Database. After that initial setup and customization, Bilbrey has continually pushed the envelope forward and over time has developed a complete custom Insurance Underwriting System for the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool. This required that the database be converted from Access to SQL Server and this conversion/upsizing of data was completed in a timely and efficient manner for Bilbrey. This system has allowed Bilbrey to expand many times over while keeping costs and employees stable.

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