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Why Hire A Development Company?

Option 1: Hiring Full-Time Employees for a Software Development Project

Many businesses and government agencies have already discovered that it is not cost-effective to hire full time employees to program, design and test computer software. Some of the many reasons include:

  • Projects tend to be of limited duration and it is difficult to lay off employees upon completion of the project.
  • It is difficult to hire the best software people as a full time employee.
  • Software people are not typically interested in transitioning into new roles when the programming has been completed.
  • Large work-gaps may occur in software development projects due to changes to program specifications, leading to expensive idle time for software people.
  • A software person or team may not have all of the skill sets necessary to make a project successful, leaving skill gaps that hurt the project.

Option 2: Hiring Contractors for a Software Development Project

Due to the aforementioned problems, businesses and government agencies turned to hiring software people on a contractual basis. This resolved some problems, but it left major problems unresolved and created new problems. Contractors eliminate the arduous process of laying off full-time employees at the end of a short-term project. You also have a better chance of hiring more talented personnel via a contract. However these problems remain. Large work gaps may occur in software development projects due to changes to program specifications, leading to expensive idle time for software people.

  • A software person or team may not have all of the skill sets necessary to make a project successful, leaving skill gaps that hurt the project.

The following new problems present themselves:

  • Contractors tend to be unavailable to provide on-going support and maintenance after the initial work has been completed.
  • Contractors may not follow the same development standards for procedures and documentation as other software people, leading to costly re-writes in the future.
  • They may be able to convince you that they have the necessary skill sets, when in fact they do not and you end up paying a significant hourly rate while they learn on the job!

Why not hire WSI for all of your software development requirements?

Winning Solutions, Inc. has the system that solves all of the above problems while mitigating some minor new problems introduced by our system.

At Winning Solutions, Inc. we will tell you in advance how much your programming project will cost and how long it will take to complete. We will provide this in writing and even guarantee our work for a period of 120 days after your acceptance. If you have not defined your project, WSI will provide you a written estimate for this service and produce a written document that will serve as part of a Request for Proposals that you may send out or as a Statement of Work that will be used to create your agreement with WSI.

WSI provides a workplace that software people enjoy. This allows us to hire and retain talented people. The reason developers enjoy working for WSI is that they are able to work on a diverse set of projects, instead of the same thing every day. They are also able to interact with developers from other teams/projects to collaborate and solve problems. This environment leads to increased productivity which allows WSI to deliver first-class work at prices that tend to be much lower than using contractors.

Our professionally managed dynamic software project development environment is what allows WSI to achieve this increased efficiency. We are able to shift resources between projects when the inevitable project gaps occur. This ensures that you NEVER pay for someone to sit around waiting for testing to complete or a business decision to be made.

If clients have their own project managers or developers they are welcome to work alongside the WSI team during the project.

WSI does NOT retain rights to the source code it develops during your project as many of our project-based competitors do.

Thanks to this revolutionary approach, WSI is able to employ a sufficiently diverse team so that such specialized personnel as graphic designers are available to your project when needed. This ensures that your program has a professional look and feel while being easy to use.

Because all WSI programmers are required to adhere to specific development standards, WSI is able to provide on-demand support and updates for your software for years to come. We even offer such support on an hourly basis with no annual maintenance agreement requirements!

We invite you to have WSI develop your next software project and we think you will be one of our many clients who will never go back to using contractors. However, if that is not the case, WSI will be glad to supply contractors for your next project.

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