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Data Center Logistics | Data Center Rationalization

Despite the emergence of cloud computing, data centers still represent the foundation of a company’s mission critical technology. Winning Solutions, Inc. helps our clients to maximize the value of their mission critical infrastructure portfolios through:
• Discovery
• Strategy
• Design
• Remediation
• Migration

Fit for Purpose Assessment
We help our client assess their data center assets by combining site surveys with our methodology for data center assessments that can support objective evaluation against a broad range of client objectives.

Data Center Strategy
WSI will help you identify where you want to take your data center, incorporate other core technology elements, and assist you to determine your unique best path from current to future state.

Site Selection
WSI uses standardized scoring to identify a list of locations for your new environment.

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Data Center Logistics | Data Center Rationalization

Data Center Migration

Data center migration can be a complex process. If you are moving to a new data center, a hybrid environment, or to the Cloud, we have the experience and the proved processes to ensure your migration is a success.
The team at Winning Solutions, Inc. has been implementing the latest technology from well before the Internet became publicly available. We have experience with:

• Dial-up Internet Service Provider setup
• Setting up some of the earliest web and database application hosting on T-1 lines
• Implementing and managing hundreds of Microsoft Exchange
• Microsoft SQL servers with Cisco networking for a 260+ grocery store chain
• Mid-size Vonage Voice Over IP

WSI has been there since the beginning. With talented new young people joining our experienced team, we provide an excellent resource to our customers.

Now, WSI is focused on the Cloud and more specifically, we are focusing on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. We are confident we can handle migrations to and from any major cloud provider including Amazon AWS, Azure and Google or from on premises to any of these cloud platforms. Yes, we still work with customers who are not ready for the Cloud or who want a hybrid system.

From racking our own servers in our own humble data center 20 years ago, co-locating servers in a third party data center, working with dedicated servers at large no-touch ‘hosting’ before the Cloud, working with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud from the early days, WSI has done it and we still know how to build our own servers.

Data Center Logistics | Data Center Rationalization

Application Development and Maintenance Capability

The real strength of WSI is we also have a highly skilled team of business application software developers. They can build or maintain almost any existing line of business web, client server, or desktop application that can be imagined. From small programs handling time entry to a large employee vacation tracking solution for a world-famous hospital or a sophisticated inspection tracking software to a full-scale patient electronic medical record, WSI programmers have built from the ground up or worked on many different business software applications.

In many cases, programmers are not the best at cloud and server administration needed to successfully complete large-scale migrations. Conversely, migrations can trigger new bugs that perplex many of the best server administrators. You need both and Winning Solutions, Inc. delivers each critical skill sets to meet our customers’ cloud migration challenges

Data Center Logistics | Data Center Rationalization

Track Record of Cloud Migration Project Management Capability

Next, even the best talent can run into difficulty without leadership and experienced project management. WSI’s team brings people with years of experience in cloud migrations to your project. They have successfully completed many large and complex migrations and know how to manage a large diverse team to achieve your goal. They have worked on both sides of WSI with both WSI’s software development team and WSI’s cloud and server administrators.

Data Center Logistics | Data Center Rationalization

Security and Microsoft Azure’s Certifications

Security is critical, that is why it is hard to beat the depth and breadth of certifications held by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. These certifications cover a broad range of areas including healthcare. Personnel that work for WSI have successfully protected the backend systems for a credit card payment processor. They have also protected the most sensitive and highly sought-after intellectual property information for a Fortune 500 Company.

Additional information about Microsoft’s Azure Cloud can be found at the link below.

Data Center Logistics | Data Center Rationalization

A Cloud Specialized for Government and Your Environment

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud also has government cloud covered. Another key Microsoft strength is its partner network, which Winning Solutions, Inc. has been a member of for 20 years. By choosing WSI, you get the best of both worlds, a small company with limited bureaucracy and a low friction business process. You also get the scale, expertise, and financial strength of Microsoft Corporation.

Additional information about Microsoft’s global infrastructure can be found at the link below.

Data Center Logistics | Data Center Rationalization

Cloud Migration and Management Functions

As our technology marches towards digitalization, on-premises data centers will be unable to match the value proposition that is currently offered by modern cloud platforms. For next generation, IT workloads, and the value the Cloud offers will be amplified even further.

A main hurdle that prevents most enterprises from moving to the Cloud is the migration process. The larger the enterprise, the more complex it is. The game begins with the migration of ‘de-coupled’ infrastructure before graduating to the migration of data and applications, making it more and more complex.

Recognizing this complexity and its subsequent impact on businesses in the short term, and on their digital transformation, we are focused on helping clients master this challenging initiative.

Our Approach for Data Center Migrations to the Cloud
Within the Cloud environment, it has been our observation the greater the organization size, product range, services, structure, clients, and geo reach, the greater the complexity for the organizations data and IT infrastructure.

For a client’s migration opportunities, WSI utilizes the following process to achieve your Cloud objectives:

Design/Plan – Defining the What
• Budget and scope
• Plan (project work break down) and dependencies (consistency groups for application migrations and schedule)
• Staffing and level of effort
• Design
• Provisioning
• Migration
• Oerational turnover

Provisioning – Providing the Host Environment
• New Host site: CPU, IO, storage
• Disaster recovery site
• Business continuity platform (BCP) site and return to operation (RTO)
• Development environment
• User acceptance environment
• Staging environment
• Production environment
• Readiness process - site and environment validation
• Readiness report for migration

Our Strategy for Achieving the Client’s Cloud Objectives
Defining the application’s consistency grouping with dependencies, workload discovery, and cataloguing by application and/or server grouping to ensure your success with
• Platform or Host Categorization
• Financial planning and ROI analysis
• Platform selection, architecture, and design
• Cloud security assessment
• Migration prioritization and sequencing

Validation by Category and Testing
• Computer migration
• Database migration and data replication
• Storage migration and automation
• Firewall migration

Infrastructure Deployment
• Storage migration
• Networking Migration
• Data quality governance
• Server migration
• Firewall and security migration

Platform Migration Processes
• Database
• Development tools
• Operating System

Operation Turnover Activities
• User migration
• Validation of operational processes
• Cut over to host production environment
• Decommissioning (legacy systems)

Data Center -- Disaster Recovery (DR) Keyword List
• Application Design Factory
• Application Failover
• Application Recovery
• Application Recovery Design (ARD)
• Application Recovery Procedures (ARP)
• Azure
• AWS Disaster Recovery Architecture
• AWS Disaster Recovery Availability Zones
• AWS Disaster Recovery Pilot Light
• AWS Cloud endure Disaster Recovery
• AWS S3 Disaster Recovery
• AWS Disaster Recovery Testing
• Business Impact Analysis
• Disaster Recovery Solutions
• Disaster Recovery Testing
• Disaster Recovery RPO
• Disaster Recovery RTO
• DR Runbooks
• DR Scrip


Microsoft Azure CSP

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