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Cisco SystemsIf you are looking for the gold standard in computer networking technology, then Cisco is the right choice for you. Cisco Systems is one of the industry's leading network technology providers. Cisco has grown through its reputation for offering rock solid products and by acquiring many innovative start-up companies.

Winning Solutions, Inc. recommends Cisco products for mission critical elements of your network. These include the routers that go on either end of a communication circuit like a T1, DS3 etc. You may also want to use Cisco as your network switching technology.

WSI is a recognized Cisco Channel Partner. WSI has a great deal of experience working with the various carriers and ISP's in central Iowa to link them to you using Cisco equipment.

One innovative way to have the legendary Cisco reliability at a lower price point is through the acquisition of certified pre-owned Cisco hardware. Due to problems with Cisco hardware counterfeiting and complex license issues it is important to work with a Cisco recognized Channel Partner such as Winning Solutions, Inc. to ensure that you are both compliant with the law and terms of Cisco's licensing requirements.

Many people are not aware of Cisco's licensing policies. When you purchase used Cisco equipment the software known as firmware in the device may not be legally transferrable. WSI can assist you with the legal acquisition of used Cisco hardware as well as making sure that it is properly licensed.

WSI can assist you in planning your network, or simply provide pricing for the Cisco equipment you plan to use. WSI can have an experienced technician at your place of business ready to assist you with your new or existing Cisco equipment in a timely fashion. WSI's Cisco support hourly rates are highly competitive within the industry and WSI's central Iowa market.

If you would like to know more about what Cisco can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

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