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What is Trend Micro?

Trend MicroThe battle between virus writers and anti-virus software appears to be unending and escalating every day. This is a truly regrettable situation that programmers who are talented enough to write these complex viruses are wasting their time on an activity that is counter-productive. One of the tools WSI uses to secure its clients from virus and malware are products from Trend Micro. WSI has not always recommended Trend. In the past WSI offered Norton’s anti-virus solution. However, it came to our attention that Norton was not doing as good a job as we would have liked. Unfortunately this opinion is frequently re-enforced when we work with new clients who are using Norton.

We have found Trend to be a superior anti-virus solution for both small and large enterprises. WSI has successfully deployed Trend Micro at dozens of small clients. WSI has consulted on a large implementation of Trend Micro, where it has displaced thousands of Norton licenses. This client continues to use Trend today, in one of the most challenging environments we have ever seen Trend deployed in.

If you need assistance understanding which of the various Trend products is best suited to your organization, WSI can be an excellent resource for you. WSI staff is not only skilled at implementing and supporting Trend, but we are able to assist you in understanding how Trend’s anti-virus software licensing model works and helping your organization start off in compliance and remain in compliance.

No matter how good Trend or any other anti-virus product you choose is there is no such thing as an iron clad guarantee of complete safety. A good backup system that retains your files is about the best protection you can have for your valuable data. WSI can also assist you in implementing a robust data backup strategy. 

If you would like to know more about what Trend Micro can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

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