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Today businesses in Iowa metropolitan areas like Ames, Des Moines, Waukee, Clive Urbandale and anywhere else Century Link (formerly Qwest Communications, formerly US West) fiber optics services are available are increasingly choosing to upgrade their Internet connection speeds. CenturyLink's fiber optic Internet service is much faster and more expandable than the T-1's deployed in the past. If your business has one or more T-1's it may be worth considering an upgrade from T-1 or DSL service to Century Link's fiber optic Internet service. One of the many advantages of CenturyLink's Internet IQ port service is that the speed can be the same both up (going out to the Internet) and down (data speed coming in from the Internet).

Winning Solutions, Inc. runs its business on this service and we managed its installation at our headquarters in Ames Iowa. We are currently managing the installation of this technology for a large financial services organization. We would be pleased to help you avoid the many pitfalls that arise during a complex project like this. Please contact us today to schedule a no charge initial consultation to determine if Winning Solutions, Inc. Fiber Optic Business Broadband Installation Project Management services would be beneficial to your business.

WSI's Project Managers have in excess of 50 years' combined experience with information technology and wide area networking. They have deployed hundreds of business networks and everything from dial-up residential to fiber optic business Internet services. They have been installing Internet connections since the Internet became publically accessible in the 90's. We have worked with and assisted local Internet Service Providers in building and maintaining their complex networks.

What if we do not own the building our office is in?

The reason this matters is that almost no small to mid-size office buildings have fiber from the curb into their building yet. This does increase the complexity of the installation of service. However, in most cases WSI can still make it happen. We are experienced in working with property owners during the process to coordinate the necessary installation work. The installation work involves contractors who have the equipment necessary to bury cable and electricians who are properly licensed to bring the fiber optic cable to your building and into a room where it can be connected to your network.

Is WSI biased, do you get a commission from Century Link?

Unlike many other firms that are contacting you about telecommunications and data services WSI does not receive any commission from any communication provider. We work exclusively for you. This means that our mission is to get your new service installed as quickly and cost effectively as possible. If you are considering services other than Century Link, such as Mediacom Business Online, we would be pleased to assist you with their implementation.

Why can't I do this myself?

You can. It is simply a matter of time and efficiency. If you are already too busy running your business or managing your firm's communications and computer systems, it may be more cost effective to have Winning Solutions, Inc. take care of it. Our experience with handling the property owner, soil boring contractor, Century Link, electrician and tying their equipment into your network may substantially reduce the overall cost of implementing Century Link's fiber optic Internet service.

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