Browser Compatibility

Does your site look the same for everyone?

Upon request, Winning Solutions, Inc. can tailor your website in order to be browser compatible with the dominant web browsers available today.  By making your website cross-browser compatible, WSI can guarantee that when your website is viewed through different web browsers, it will retain its original layout and design.

Common Browser Compatibility Questions

Why is browser compatibility important?

Not everyone uses the same web browser while viewing web pages online. Although Internet Explorer has been the most popular browser in the past, Mozilla, an open source developer has put out a web browser called Firefox that has been gaining popularity.

Web pages can also be affected by the operating system being used to view a web page.  Macintosh browsers may handle content differently than a Windows machine might handle the same content.

A combination of the factors listed above make browser compatibility a very important and essential issue to consider when investing in your online presence.

Will a browser compatible website bring more visitors, and if so, how many will be return visitors?

Yes.  By making your website browser compatible, you are targeting a vast majority of people surfing the web, not just the select few who happen to be running on the same operating system or web browser that the site was developed on.

One of the biggest factors on whether or not your website is successful is the amount of return visitors you have.  If you site is browser compatible, those people who are pleased when they view and navigate the site the first time are more likely to come back and visit again, in contrast to someone who might have had a hard time viewing the site due to a browser incompatibility issue.

How much does it cost to make my website browser compatible?

Although the price is relatively low, it can vary depending on the complexity and size of the website.  You can contact us for a price quote on making your site browser compatible.

Contact us for more information on browser compatibility.

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