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What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is many things, but in general it is a complete database solution.

Microsoft Access lets you some or all of the work. Very few programming environments are as simple to work with as Microsoft Access. Many things can be done with little or no programming. If you need help making Access perform more advanced functions WSI can step in and assist you as needed. Our Microsoft Access experts are able to use modern computer desktop sharing technology to work directly with you on your PC, while we are on the phone with you to help you when you get stuck. If you prefer, WSI can simply follow your specifications to design and develop the Access database you need, while you work on more important things.

Did you know Microsoft Access is a powerful reporting tool? Through ODBC and Microsoft Access's ability to connect with many other database systems, WSI can help you use its simple and intuitive interface to build sophisticated reports. If you already own Microsoft Access you may not need to invest in other expensive report tools like Crystal Reports, Cognos, Business Objects or Proclarity.

Did you know you or WSI can help you make stand alone database programs using Microsoft Access that do not require you to provide every user with a Microsoft Access license?

What if you want to turn a great Microsoft Access database program into a more powerful Microsoft .NET web or client server based program?

WSI has programmers who are experts in Microsoft C# and Visual Basic .NET ready to take your Access database to a new more powerful level. This upgrade makes your Access database more professional, for your own use or if you intend to market your program to others. This allows you to a command a higher price in the market and impress potential clients with the sophistication of your software.

What if you aren't ready to entirely convert your Microsoft Access program to .NET but need better performance? Microsoft does a great job of providing a system that allows you to incrementally enhance your Microsoft Access database. To do this WSI can help you by converting the portion of the Access database that stores your data referred to as the "backend" from Access's own format to the much more powerful Microsoft SQL Server system. This might worry you that you will incur big licensing fees by moving to such a capable database. However, no need to worry, thanks to competition from MySQL and Postgre SQL, Microsoft has released Microsoft SQL Server Express which is free and will meet the needs of most databases. At WSI we find that Microsoft SQL Server Express is able to address the needs of over 80% of our clients! After making the move to from an Access "backend" to a Microsoft SQL Server "backend" you can continue to work using the same easy to create forms, menus and switchboard present in your existing Microsoft Access application.

Access isn't perfect?

If you are planning to use your database on the web we can't recommend that. But we do have an excellent hybrid solutions that we feel is best option. We recommend deploying a dual "frontend" architecture. All your desktop PC users on your network continue to work with your data using Microsoft Access forms, menus and switchboard. They can continue to write their own queries if they like or have WSI build the reports and queries for you. WSI will then help you create the web interface to your data using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or Microsoft C#. We find that many clients provide a more limited function via the web, than their internal users need. This allows WSI to continue use the simple and cost effective Access interface to business data for your office users and just create the more sophisticated VB and C# interfaces for the functions of your web users.

Remember when you work with WSI, you own the source code the instant you pay your bill. No more arguing with other programming firms refuse to relinquish your source code! At WSI we have satisfied customers, not hostages!

What about support?

WSI has been in business since 1996 and is going strong! We support hundreds of applications for our clients when they need it. Our relatively unique business model allows us to prosper while offering support for our customers without charging annual licensing fees. Other companies charge you for new software features you don't even want. While at the same time they won't enable the features you keep asking for! At WSI you pay only for the new features you want. If you don't need any new features or changes to existing program features, you won't see a bill from us! Our staff is pleased to assist you with even minor programming changes. We bill in 1/4 hour increments and don't have harsh pre-set minimums to perform a minor software change or help you with a report.

If you would like to know more about what Microsoft Access can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

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