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What is Dreamweaver?

Adobe DreamweaverDreamweaver is known for being one of the most powerful web design programs available.  Unlike its counter part, Microsoft Expressions, Dreamweaver lets web masters and designers get deep into the code of their websites.  Dreamweaver is so popular that a common template format know as Dynamic Web Templates or DWTs, is often times referred to as Dream Weaver Templates.  Dreamweaver has built in support for confusion development, integration with Adobe Contribute and Adobe Flash.  When it comes to power tools for web designers, Dreamweaver is solid choice.

How does WSI utilize Adobe Dreamweaver?

WSI doesn't like to just offer one solution to any problem, we like to offer them all.  This is one of the major factors behind our continued support of Dreamweaver.  Some of our clients really like the raw power that Dreamweaver delivers.  And there is no better way to know the ins and outs of web than to become really familiar with all of the tools that can be used to produce websites. 

Depending on the individual clients needs, Dreamweaver may be the perfect fit for someone who is knowledgeable with the web and wants to dive right in.  As with many other software systems we use, we offer training for web design and Dreamweaver users.

If you would like to know more about what Dreamweaver can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

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