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Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI) based out of Ames, Iowa (The Midwest) and Fort Myers, Florida (The Southeast) has been developing with Adobe Flash for years. WSI utilizes Flash Design to deliver websites, presentations, interactive maps and applications. Our Flash designers utilize their graphic design and web design skills to create interactive interfaces.  Our Flash programmers combine ActionScript and web technologies to add dynamic features too.  The combination of these two Flash development disciplines, have allowed WSI to create a large range of Flash desktop applications and interactive websites.

If you're ready to start your Flash development, Flash design or Flash programming relationship with one of our Flash programmers or Flash designers, contact our Ames, Iowa (The Midwest) or our Fort Myers, Florida (The Southeast) offices for a, absolutely free, Flash project quote. The WSI interactive media team look's forward to hear from you today!

Common Flash Design Questions

What is Flash Development?

Flash development includes two major factors, Flash design and Flash programming. Flash design addresses animation, illustration, user interface and graphic design elements of any interactive presentation. Flash programming makes that user interface come to life with data driven elements, programming logic and dynamic content. The combination of Flash design and Flash programming can deliver the “Wiz, Bang, WOW!!” effect that you are looking for.

What is Flash Design?

Flash design utilizes vector and bitmap based graphics to bring life to presentations, animations and interactive presentations. Our Flash designers can create a full website or presentation in Flash using streaming video, all types of illustration and key frame animation. Or, they can utilize Flash as just one element of a website, adding interactive headers, ad rotation areas, product demos or interactive maps. Flash design is a great way to capture and keep viewers attention and business.

What is Flash Programming?

Our Flash programmers use ActionScript 1-3 and object oriented programming to create interactive flash applications that are expandable and scalable.  From importing weather and map data from outside web services, to saving information to databases, we have created many great solutions. Demos of products can also be replicated by our Flash programming team, allowing your clients and potential customers a chance to get a feel for just how cool your product really is.

What are the Flash Design, Flash Programming, and Flash Development Services you Offer?

Over the years, WSI has utilized their Flash Development, Flash Design and Flash Programming skills to deliver a wide range of interactive media projects.  Our Flash team has created:

  • Interactive CD-Business cards
  • Children's games and activities
  • CD Party invitations
  • Interactive Road Maps
  • Geographic maps including weather data
  • Desktop applications
  • Flash Websites
  • Television Media
  • Video Steaming Players
  • Internet chat programs
  • Product customization tools
  • Product Demos
  • Cartoons and Animations
  • Tradeshow Display Presentations
  • And much more…

Our Flash Design, development and programming team is looking forward to telling you more about our interactive media services. Contact us at either our Ames, Iowa (The Midwest) or our Fort Myers, Florida (The Southeast) offices to talk to one of our Flash Programmers, Flash Designers or Flash Developers. They can answer any of your questions about our services or experience.

Do you support third party involvement with your Flash Design, Flash Programming and Flash Development Solutions?

Our team of Flash developers have worked with third part products and third party developers and designers to deliver, in part or full, Flash projects with much success. If you have a design and need programming, we can provide a Flash programmer. If you need a design for your application, we can provide a Flash designer. Whatever your need is one of our interactive media specialists can fill the gap in your team.

We have also worked with many of the popular third party Flash Add-ons including:

  • Swift 3D
  • Northcode
  • Flash Decompiler's
  • Flip books
  • Accu Weather
  • Flash Kit
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Web Services
  • NOAA

We would like to hear more about what your specific needs are related to our Flash development services. Contact one of our interactive media specialists at either our Fort Myers, Florida (The Southeast) or Ames, Iowa (The Midwest) locations to tell us how we can best help you with your interactive media project.

Do you offer Flash Design Training, Flash Programming classes, and Flash Development Support?

WSI offers training and support for Adobe's Flash.  Our Flash Trainers have taught ActionScript programming and Flash programming to large and small groups. A WSI Flash trainer can deliver a Flash training class with a custom curriculum to you or your whole staff. We specialize in custom training solutions that take in to consideration your skill level, comfort and desired outcome to not only train you on how to use the program, but more importantly to get the results that you are looking for.

If you don't need a full class or flash course, we can help you with Adobe Flash support. Our staff can answer your specific questions related to Flash design, Flash Programming and Flash development, in a way that makes sense to you. Sometimes we also cover hot Flash support topics in our support articles section. Feel free to contact either of our offices located in Ames, Iowa (The Midwest) or Fort Myers, Florida (The Southeast) to find out more about our Flash training services or to get your Flash support questions answered.

We like what we see and want to begin a relationship with you, however, we're located hundreds of miles away from your office and no where near Iowa or the Midwest - will this work?

We have had, and continue to develop, numerous relationships with clients that were not located around either our Ames Iowa, or Ft. Myers Florida locations. Some of our clients weren't even in the Midwest or the Southeast.

Depending on the scope of the Flash Design, Flash Development, Flash Programming or Flash Training services required, face to face meetings are not necessary to develop a custom solution or training course. Many of our clients enjoy sitting in the comfort of their own office or home and conducting a phone or shared desktop meeting with one of our trainers.

Our attention to detail and customer service has helped us deliver many systems without ever having a face to face discussion with the client. Contact either our Midwest (Ames, Iowa) office or our Southeast (Fort Myers, Florida) location today for a free consultation or to begin your Flash development, Flash Design, Flash programming or Flash training relationship with us.

Flash Projects and Experience

  • FitSense Technologies - Boston Massachusetts
    Fitsense had an extremely cutting edge technology, but they needed a good way to display it. After developing a relationship with WSI in many of our other service areas, Fitsense decided they wanted to develop an interactive view of their training watch. The end product is an exact replica of the watch that a potential buyer can use and see how the features of the watch work. Click here to see the watch in action.

  • Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc. - Ft. Myers Florida
    As the program manager for the City of Cape Coral's five-year, $200 million utility expansion program, KBR wanted a flashy, easy to use tool that residents in Cape Coral Florida could use to see the expansion plans for the city. The end result is a handy interactive map that allows the end user to see the progress and schedule for the expansion. Be sure and click here to see the maps in action.

  • WSI Biz Card
    We admit, we love these little CD Business Cards. As such, we developed a full featured flash application that was used in marketing WSI's services at tradeshows and on sales calls. Click here to see the WSI marketing CD business card.

Other Flash Project Experience

It would be impossible for us to list all of the great projects we have been part of or completed. If you would like to learn more about our Flash development, Flash Design, Flash Training and Flash programming experience contact one of our Fort Myers, Florida (The Southeast) or Ames, Iowa (The Midwest) sales staff to get more information.

Additional Flash Design Service Information

Graphic Design and Animation

Combining action scripting and digital animation techniques, WSI can create custom interactive flash movies that aren't only pretty to look at, but functional as well. Check out more information in our Interactive Media section.

Graphic Design Illustration and Game Logic

Flash is one of the top programs in regards to clean digital illustrations. With the combination of this and a strong knowledge in interface usability, WSI can create custom web games for educational, personal and public use.

Application Programming and Database Implementation

A strong blending of Flash and existing or new database items can be used to create dynamic graphics such as maps and graphs in order to make vital information easy to access in an interactive manner. The City of Cape Coral utility expansion project was a great instance in which this complex application could be implemented. Take a look here to see an example of what WSI can bring to your organization.

Flash Based Product Application

WSI's vast knowledge in Flash programming allows us to quickly and cost effectively get you up and running with your Flash Application.  Whether you need a complete system built, have an existing Flash program you need upgraded or just need some help with some specific issues in your system, WSI is the programming company to help you achieve your goals.

Click Here to get a free quote for you Custom Flash Application needs.

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