WSI is Approved as a Supplier to Sandia National Labs

Press Release

March 27, 2017
For the second year in a row the International Export and Trade Compliance Office has processed the Atomic Energy Act (AEA) certification of Winning Solutions, Inc. and issued a status of: Approved.

Winning Solutions, Inc. is pleased to receive this approval which demonstrates that WSI has met the criteria of the Atomic Energy Act. We look forward to serving some of the database development needs of Sandia National Laboratories.

Sandia National Laboratories unique mission responsibilities in the nuclear weapons (NW) program create a foundation from which we leverage capabilities, enabling us to solve complex national security problems.

As a multidisciplinary national laboratory and federally funded research and development center (FFRDC), Sandia accomplishes tasks that are integral to the mission and operation of our sponsoring agencies by

* anticipating and resolving emerging national security challenges
* innovating and discovering new technologies to strengthen the nation's technological superiority
* creating value through products and services that solve important national security challenges
* informing the national debate where technology policy is critical to preserving security and freedom throughout our world

As an FFRDC for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), we have a long-term relationship with our sponsor. This creates an environment that supports our fields of expertise, enables us to maintain our objectivity and independence, and allows us to be familiar with our sponsor's mission. We bring the FFRDC culture to all our federal sponsors to provide long-term support, solutions to existing problems and emerging threats, and quick-response capabilities. As an objective, independent, and trusted advisor, we draw from our deep science and engineering experience to anticipate, innovate, create, and inform the policy debate for decision makers.

Winning Solutions, Inc. is a Microsoft Registered Partner specializing in custom database design and development. We also maintain databases and migrate them to new Microsoft technologies. WSI has many years of experience dating back to the company's founding in 1996. WSI serves individuals, small businesses, education, non-profits, large companies and the government. WSI provides programming services to the United States government through the GSA Multi Award Schedule (MAS) Contract number GS35F083GA

Now's the time to save money off-shoring your software development to America!

Press Release

The weakness of the American Dollar is creating a new opportunity for companies outside the United States. Whether your company is based in Europe or other parts of the world like Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, or Japan now is the time to take a look at having your software programmed in the United States. If your business is located in a European Union country the American dollar is currently at a 20-month low versus the Euro!

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WSI Launches New Version of Power Watch for Ames Electric

Press Release

WSI is pleased to announce that it has completed the development of a web based system to display near real time temperature and megawatt electrical consumption from a utility's SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system that monitors and controls power production.

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WSI Contributes to Ames City Side Mailer

Press Release

This month the Ames City Side mailer, sent out with all utility bills, included a contribution by Winning Solutions' Mark Steffen on computer electricity consumption in the "Ask the Energy Guy" section.

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Winning Solutions, Inc. Services Up a New Website For Aunt Maudes

New Website

WSI has just launched a new website for local Ames, Iowa restaurant Aunt Maude's. A simple photo gallery website with an elegant, user-friendly interface, provides an easy means for Aunt Maude's to inform its customers of menu changes and restaurant hours.

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WSI Provides One of Its Trainers to the State of Iowa Library PLOW (Putting Libraries on the WEB) Project

Press Release

WSI has recently been awarded a small but important contract by the Iowa Department of Education, State of Iowa Library to provide training in direct hands-on Content Management System usage to groups of librarians at training sessions held throughout the state of Iowa.

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WSI Teams Up for ElectroWorld Expo

Press Release

WSI teamed up with Databeat to push the bounds of Macromedia Flash. The combined teams created a Flash application capable of displaying transparently on top of video feeds. This application was showcased at the ElectroWorld Expo on 80 40" plasma displays.

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WSI helps small e-Commerce website dramatically increase sales

Press Release (POVT) is a small e-Commerce website that offers Vermont maple syrup products, gift baskets, wedding candy favors, wooden bowls and other woodenware, as well as stoneware pottery and wooden NameTrain® toys. The site, which has a unique mix of five Vermont merchants, is owned and operated by RES eCom, Inc. and has been serving customers since 1999.

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Winning Solutions Provides Employee Training Management Software to Syngenta

Press Release

Syngenta Crop Protection selected Winning Solutions, Inc., to provide them with custom training software to meet their specific needs and to have WSI host it on one of their managed web servers. Work was first performed for Syngenta's Ames office, but word spread quickly through the company of the success of this work. Soon, WSI was developing similar web based training enrollment solutions for Syngenta offices in Greensboro, North Carolina; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Boise, Idaho and Basel Switzerland!

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WSI Helps Bring Grafix Shoppe Website To Life

New Website

Winning Solutions, Inc. has just completed converting and rebuilding the Grafix Shoppe website. The new site features a cutting edge look as well as an enhanced and optimized navigation system and site structure. The new Grafix Shoppe website was built to accent the visual aspects of the company's products and services in an organized and easy-to-read format.

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WSI Helps Bring Better Healthcare To Story County With a New Website

New Website

The Story County Medical Center had a lot of goals for their website. Winning Solutions, Inc. took their list of goals and created a great looking site with many features to allow Story County Medical Center to easily maintain their website. This approach allows Story County Medical Center to focus on delivering content to their visitors.

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Washington Health Foundation

Spotlight Client

On January 11, 2006 Winning Solutions, Inc. was honored to receive recognition from the State of Washington for the work we did to develop their web based system to track citizens' healthy activities.

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WSI announces launch of Partner Program

Press Release

Growing upon our success as a leading application development company, WSI announces that it is starting a new partner program. WSI feels that this program will allow us to reach more clients and provide better service as we continue grow. To learn more about the Partner program, Click Here.

New Website For Severson Insurance Agency

New Website

The Severson Insurance Agency website boasts a clean, professional look, complementing its goal of providing professional services to its clients.  With the assistance of Winning Solutions, Inc, the Severson Insurance Agency will be able to continue serving their clients online through their website.

Click here to visit the SIA website

Winning Solutions Unites the Web With EdCo Community Credit Union

New Website

The EdCo Community Credit Union website has a new look provided by Winning Solutions, Inc (WSI).  The site features an easily-navigated front-end, with access to online services.  With the help of WSI, EdCo Community Credit Union customers will have easy access to new information and their online accounts.

Visit the EdCo Community Credit Union Website

Web Development and Design with Greater Dallas County Development Alliance

New Website

The Greater Dallas County Development Alliance (GDCDA) required a fresh new look for their website.  Winning Solutions, Inc. was able to provided them with a redesign that will allow the GDCDA to continue to develop their site into the future.

Visit the GDCDA Website

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