Winning Solutions, Inc. Achieves Gold Technology Provider 2019 status in the Intel Technology Provider Program for the seventh year in a row

Intel Gold PartnerIntel requires Gold Partners to meet specific training requirements to be awarded Intel Gold Partner status. The team at Winning Solutions, Inc. has been designing laptops, desktop computers and servers for home and business for over 30 years. We now help customers select the right tablet or mobile phone for their computing needs in addition to selection of correct laptops, desktops and servers. We understand all the latest trends and technologies. Trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device (to work)) are changing the way computing devices are purchased and used in large and small business. We also understand the impact of cloud computer, like Microsoft Azure. WSI knows how design on premise computing solutions, cloud based solutions or a combination of the two. The trend is clearly toward mobile and cloud computing, but this brings own set of challenges. Traditional computing environments are still going strong too. The Consultants at Winning Solutions, Inc. are ready, willing and able to help you understand and meet these challenges.

In 2019 Microsoft is actively deploying Windows Server 2019 through partners like Winning Solutions, Inc. who can help your organization with:

Security built-in at the start Reduce risk with multiple layers of security right in the operating system for on-premises and cloud protection.

Being ready for the cloud when you are Easily make the move to the cloud with Hyper-V—the same hypervisor used by Azure.

Lowering data storage costs Build highly available, scalable software-defined storage solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Enabling application innovation Realize the benefits of using containers for applications—with little or no code changes.

New cloud licensing benefits Create new virtual machines in Azure and save up to 50 percent with the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit.

Perhaps now is the time for your organization to transition from an on-premise server to an Azure cloud virtual machine in a Microsoft data center. If so we can help you do this. If you prefer to keep your server and your data in your office, WSI will be pleased to help you do that.

Windows 10 has proved to be as reliable and popular as Microsoft claimed it would be. Microsoft continues to release new features to keep this product competitive.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is eliminating the need for many small businesses to own and maintain expensive on-premise Exchange servers. WSI can help you migrate from Google’s G-Mail, on premise Microsoft Exchange or other email platforms to Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft, Asus and other companies now offer full Windows OS tablets capable of running full versions Microsoft Access and Excel including VBA code and macros! So now you can get a full Windows computer in a tablet form factor with good battery life.

Winning Solutions, Inc.’s core business of web and custom application development allow us to stay above the hardware fray. It allows us to take a holistic approach to recommending the right hardware technology for your business. Let’s not forget about the cloud. Winning Solutions, Inc. has strategic partnerships with some of the largest hosting companies in the world. We can recommend or deploy the right cloud solution for your business.

If you feel we can be of assistance, please contact us today.

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