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This month the Ames City Side mailer, sent out with all utility bills, included a contribution by Winning Solutions' Mark Steffen on computer electricity consumption in the "Ask the Energy Guy" section. The excerpt is as follows:

According to Mark Steffen of Winning Solutions, Inc., there are some things you should look for when deciding to purchase a new computer.

  • You may wish to consider a laptop instead of a desktop/tower type PC. Since laptops are designed to run from a battery (at least for a period of time) they are more energy efficient. Replace your old tube style monitor with an LCD flat panel type. LCD monitors use much less electricity.
  • Look for an 80-Plus certified power supply. These convert more electricity into useful work on your computer and produce less waste heat. Look for the Energy Star rating when buying a new computer. A new specification known as 4.0 will go into effect this summer, and is the first new specification in 15 years! Qualifying computers will be much more efficient than those in service today.
  • Look for computers designated tier-1, which represent the top 25% in terms of efficiency. This designation includes efficiency requirements for system idling, or launched-but-not-running applications. For example, to qualify for tier-1, a basic desktop PC must consume 50 watts or less when in idle mode.

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