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The weakness of the American Dollar is creating a new opportunity for companies outside the United States. Whether your company is based in Europe or other parts of the world like Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, or Japan now is the time to take a look at having your software programmed in the United States. If your business is located in a European Union country the American dollar is currently at a 20-month low versus the Euro!

According to the Washington Post, "Nov. 28 -- The U.S. dollar fell to a 20-month low against the Euro Tuesday, the latest development in a year-long currency readjustment .".

If you are one of our neighbors to the North in Canada, we invite you to take advantage of your particularly strong Canadian dollar to get the most possible value from your software development budget. With little or no language barrier and similar time zones working with Winning Solutions, Inc. is almost as easy as working with a firm in Canada, you just get a more advantageous exchange rate for your Canadian dollars!

In a recent article, "Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said a weak U.S. dollar was the "real story" behind the loonie briefly reaching parity with U.S. currency for the first time in 31 years."

United States businesses have struggled, when the dollar was stronger, to obtain the same high quality programming results they enjoyed using U.S. based programmers. In fact even before the dollar weakened many computer programming projects came back to the United States because of the high quality of work from U.S. based programmers.

The low value of the dollar relative to your currency now creates a unique opportunity for you to hire the custom database, web application and other programming services offered by Winning Solutions, Inc. at lowest prices in years. If you would like to see just how valuable your currency is versus the U.S. dollar please visit: 

We encourage you to contact Winning Solutions, Inc. today to discuss your computer programming needs. We will review your project specifications and provide you with an fixed bid at no charge. If you do not have sufficient specifications or need help documenting your software programming requirements, WSI can assist you with that too.

We look forward to working with you.

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