BlackBox by Ninta

BlackBox by Ninta is a comprehensive hosted solution for facility management, employee management, corporate governance administration; vehicle management and more. This system is owned by WSI’s client Ninta AB whose headquarters is in Sweden.

WSI provides database development, marketing, cloud hosting management and other services to Ninta AB.

Ninta AB has appointed Winning Solutions, Inc. as Ninta AB’s master reseller in the Americas. As such WSI is responsible for BlackBox by Ninta services subscription sales to users in this geographic area as well as to qualified resellers in the same geographic region.

Please visit for full information about the BlackBox system.

Ninta AB is backed by Collinder Marksystem AB which is an established Swedish company that has been in business for over 45 years with an annual revenue of ~$6.6M.

If you are a company interested in licensing BlackBox by Ninta and are in the Americas please contact WSI today. If you are an established reseller of technology into this market and are in the Americas please contact Winning Solutions, Inc. today for more information on reselling BlackBox by Ninta. If you are located elsewhere please contact:
Mr. Stefan Bäcklin Phone: +467-08 60 00 52

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