Why does my company's IT department dislike Access and how can I overcome their concerns?

By Jenny Baynes, Operations Coordinator for Winning Solutions, Inc.

"You sir, are the greatest athlete in the world.” Those were the words that King Gustav V of Sweden said to Jim Thorpe as he presented him with two Olympic gold medals in Stockholm Sweden. It was 1912 and Jim had wowed the crowds with his extraordinary performance. His most outstanding athletic performance in the games was a three-day decathlon competition that began in the pouring rain. Undeterred by the less-than-ideal conditions, Thorpe completed a soggy 100-meter dash in 11.2 seconds, setting a record that would not be overtaken for the next three decades. The next morning, with two days of competition remaining, Jim found that his shoes had been stolen from his bag. Focused entirely on his objective, Thorpe pivoted and found a pair of mismatched shoes in a garbage can. When he noticed that one shoe was slightly too big, he slapped on an extra sock and got down to the business at hand – winning. With that determination, Thorpe went on to crush his competition. His final event, the 1,500-meter run, came after nine other events over two days. When other competitors began to wear down, Jim Thorpe dominated. Wearing mismatched shoes, Jim ran the metric mile in 4 minutes and 40.1 seconds, a record that remained unbeaten until 1972. Yes, Jim is remembered as one of the greatest sportsmen of the 20th century.

Jim's story teaches a powerful lesson. Success requires the ability to have a vision for great things and then pivot when needed, but especially when faced with adversity.

Within the technology sector, there are lots of modern-day Jims. Individuals that focus on achieving greatness, without being distracted by the type of "shoes” it takes to get them there. They don't need shiny brands or flashy tools, they themselves just need to get down to the business at hand – winning.

Microsoft Access is an exceptionally powerful data management tool that has stood the test of time. Despite a testament to quality longevity and its perks as a rapid development tool, many in the IT industry snicker at the mention of Access, likely in the same way that Thorpe's competitors may have snickered at his mismatched shoes. We have covered Microsoft Access' unfair reputation in other posts, but how can individuals pivot to be successful and surmount the obstacles that an internal IT department may put in their path? Our Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI) MicrosoftAccessExpert.com team has identified the following strategies that have helped many of our customers:

1) Put yourself in their shoes… even if they are mismatched

Your internal IT team is a diligent hard-working team that is in charge of technology excellence. Their minds are geared to be the leaders of great technological ideas. It's to be understood that they don't necessarily want your input on what is defined as "excellence.” Try not to take this personally. With over 27 years of experience in designing and developing Microsoft Access databases, our team has often found that a friendly conversation between technology peers can achieve great things. Our technicians understand the challenges that internal IT teams are confronted with and can generally ease their minds by having an open and honest technical dialogue. Having said that, if the internal IT team still isn't onboard, it's okay to pivot to accomplish your goal. That is when WSI can use Microsoft's latest and greatest "shoes” which are referred to as the Microsoft .NET technology stack.

2) Overcome adversity

While it may be surprising, most customers that contract with WSI to create a custom Microsoft Access database are not IT professionals. They are everyday people that have taken a step back from day-to-day work functions and have identified inefficiencies that result in lost productivity. So, if you're not an IT professional, how can your Microsoft Access database project be successful? WSI's team is here to help! Consider some ways that an Access database can be implemented without the help of an internal IT team:

a. While most users have a Microsoft Access license as part of their current Microsoft subscription, if a user does not have a license, it's not a problem. Rather than requesting a Microsoft Access license from an internal IT team, which could be denied, our team can build a database that functions using Microsoft Run-Time, a FREE version of Microsoft Access to run your database, that is developed with the paid version.

b. When setting up the structure of a Microsoft Access database, a critical component is to identify where the data will be stored. Under ideal circumstances, a supportive internal IT team will set up a Microsoft SQL server to host the data. If an individual is navigating around a less-than-helpful IT team, there are great hosting options that our team can set up for you. Our MicrosoftAccessExpert.com technicians can set up a database on either a file share or NAS (network attached storage).

3) Focus on the goal – Winning!

Your internal IT team is exceptionally busy and we love them for all of their hard work. While they want to create all of the solutions to your problems, the reality is that they are limited in their bandwidth. It's okay to take charge of a project that will sustain your business and position it for future growth. Stay focused on your goal and the returns it will mean for your business.

Jim Thorpe died on March 28, 1953. Leaving behind a legacy of excellence, Thorpe is listed #7 on ESPN's list of The Top U.S. Athletes of the 20th Century, following the likes of Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, and Muhammad Ali. While his ranking is reflective of his athletic skill, it can be argued that the manner in which he competed in the face of opposition deserves the same accolade. When it comes to Microsoft Access database projects there are times when we may need to pivot to win, but we will win!

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