Telephony for your database Programming

If you were wondering how organizations do things like send a passcode to your phone for two factor authentication or how new automated phone surveys are preformed? They may be using a service called that does a lot of the heavy lifting. It takes some serious infrastructure to deliver text messages across all the cell phone carriers. It would be daunting to put the servers and software in place necessary to do this. Now you don’t have to because has done it for you! They provide an API that WSI can program for you to integrate this capability into your new or existing website, web application, mobile application or Access database. Twilio is a very low cost per message service that opens this advanced technology once reserved for Google and PayPal up to the rest of the world.

You can also use this technology to conduct simple or complex phone based surveys. A computer voice or a recorded human voice can ask questions. Users respond though pressing keys on their mobile or land line phone. The survey can branch to questions based on respondents’ earlier answers. There is no need to assemble large groups of people to place calls to conduct your survey. It is much easier to support multiple languages using this method.

All of the respondents’ answers can be recorded in a database developed for you by WSI. WSI can even help you build the reports you need to get the most value from this data.

Contact WSI today to begin the process of finding out what it will cost to implement this technology for your organizations. It will most likely pay for itself in lower implementation cost and more accurate data gathering on each and every survey.

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