Smartphone Features in web applications

Smartphone App

One of the great things about Smartphones versus desktop Windows and Apple computers is the things you can do with the camera, GPS and touch screen. If you think you are locked out of these powerful devices without building a platform specific application (mobile app) you are wrong. Thanks to some great clever utilities WSI can program a web application to access this hardware when running in the web browser on iOS and Android phones! This is a great benefit to any web application. If you are wondering what the benefits are of a web application over a traditional mobile app, see our WSI Developer Blog article “Web Applications – better than apps” for the full story. WSI has created amazing applications this way that allow a person to capture a customer’s signature, take a picture of that customer, record the GPS coordinates of the location where the signature was captured. These are powerful tools to curb fraud or just keep more accurate records of business transactions.

WSI can add this capability to your existing Microsoft .net web application or build it into a new application you are planning. Contact WSI today to begin the process of finding out what it will cost.

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