Setting up a Site-to-Site VPN With the Latest Version of Azure

July 2015

Connecting Site-Site VPN with Azure is very challenging after the network upgrades in 2015. Here is the dilemma, Static Gateway is a breeze and supports about any device out there, even home built distros like pfSenese work. Dynamic Gateways on the other hand are required for Client VPNs Point-Site, but support very few devices. Try getting a Cisco ISR Router configured and working, better have a minimum of Gen2, time on your hands, and some money spend on the process.

Winning Solutions, Inc. has solved it! Please contact WSI for a custom built Firewall built on your choice of hardware platform and fully functional with Azure's Dynamic Gateway. With pfSense as the Firewall component we have implemented IKEv2 and successfully configured it for Azure Dynamic Gateway use. There are others that have done this and had random disconnect issues, that has been fixed and our configuration will stay connected with no issue.

Stay tuned to WSI for a completed write up of how we did it, but for now if you need assistance with any Azure Networking or Infrastructure setup or deployment please contact us.

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