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Custom QuickBooks Programming

QuickBooks Programming for Web and Desktop Applications

Custom Quickbooks Integration can provide several benefits, including:

Improved Efficiency: Custom Quickbooks Integration can streamline and automate workflows, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. This can help businesses save time and reduce costs by increasing productivity.

Enhanced Accuracy: Integrating custom solutions with Quickbooks can help eliminate data duplication and errors, improving the accuracy of financial reporting and analysis.

Better Visibility: Custom Quickbooks Integration can provide real-time access to financial data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions quickly and with confidence.

Increased Flexibility: Custom integrations allow businesses to tailor their Quickbooks solutions to their unique needs, providing greater flexibility and control over financial data.

Scalability: Custom Quickbooks Integration can be designed to accommodate the growth and changing needs of a business, enabling businesses to scale without significant disruptions.

Overall, custom Quickbooks Integration can help businesses operate more efficiently, accurately, and effectively, leading to improved profitability and growth.

WSI can be your QuickBooks Developer

Microsoft database to QuickBooks Integration

WSI has been working with Microsoft databases since the company was founded in 1996. On this page when we write Microsoft databases, we are specifically referring to Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. These are truly powerful systems, and you would be amazed by what WSI and other developers have accomplished using them. Let’s face it, almost every organization must deal with accounting. No matter how many accounting programs you look at it is almost impossible to find one that doesn’t involve numerous compromises on your part. Big enterprises spend hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to have ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) (fancy name for accounting program) customized to their business needs. WSI recommends that you build the data entry and reporting capability you need from your accounting system in Microsoft Access or .NET. One of the many advantages to this approach is that if you need to change ERP packages (accounting programs) all the money you spend on customizations is not lost.

QuickBooks is one of the most popular small and mid-size business accounting programs on the market today. It blew Microsoft Small Business Accounting software out of the market years ago. Microsoft continues to compete in the mid to large size business space with their Dynamics accounting software.

WSI has many years of experience integrating Microsoft databases with QuickBooks both desktop and online as well as QuickBooks Enterprise. With custom programmed screen forms from WSI you no longer need employees to deal with the complex and cluttered QuickBooks user interface. They can just call up the exact form they need or better, yet we can just have it appear automatically on their screen and they can fill in the pertinent information and get back to real work. Your organization’s financial information is no longer hidden deep in QuickBooks. We can have a Microsoft database extract the data you need from QuickBooks and email it to you. We can present your data on a large screen TV in real time, so you will know what is going on in your operation.

If this sounds like what you need, please contact WSI to get the process of controlling your financial data started!

How do I get my Microsoft database to work with QuickBooks?

You will need a third-party software to act as a go between your Microsoft database and QuickBooks. WSI recommends LetSync. WSI programmers will work with LetSync and your Microsoft database to make them work together.

How do I eliminate having to enter information in my Microsoft database and enter it again into QuickBooks? Or the other way around?

With some programming from WSI and LetSync this can be automated. Perhaps this will eliminate the need to hire an additional employee to re-enter the same data someone else already entered.

Can you make my Microsoft database work with other accounting programs?

In most cases we can we’ve done it with Peachtree, MAS and Microsoft Great Plains and Dynamics. Don’t worry if your accounting program is not listed here. As long as we can determine where the data you need to store, or retrieve is located in the accounting program WSI can most likely make it happen.

What is the best way to explain what data needs to go where between my Microsoft database and QuickBooks?

You should start by taking a screen shot from your Microsoft database and of the screen or screens where the data needs to go in QuickBooks. Then annotate the screen shot with a number 1 by the first data element on your Microsoft database screen. Then put a 1 by the corresponding data field on your QuickBooks screen shot. This will give us a great start on understanding the work we need to do. The same method works if you want to populate your Microsoft database with QuickBooks data. Just tell us which direction to send the data. Yes, you can have some data going from QuickBooks to your Microsoft database and other date going from your Microsoft database to QuickBooks. If you do not have a Microsoft database yet we can work with you to design it, then create a specification and then develop your new database.

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