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Process Mapping

Process Mapping

Do you need to map out an existing business process or processes to:
- Obtain ISO certification
- Understand your operation
- Enable new personnel in your organization to understand your process
- Enable existing personnel who only understand their part of your process to understand the entire process
- Identify redundancies
- Identify inefficiencies
- Prepare for an implementation of new software
- Provide documentation to auditors or regulators
- Understand the process of a company you have bought or our buying
- Make your company more marketable
- Or any other reason?

Many processes start small and grow with the company. They become entangled and complex as time goes by. The process works but may or may not be efficient. If you would like to know your process better and be able to show people exactly how it works, the experts at Winning Solutions, Inc. can map out and document your process. This can be done at a high level or down to the details. This process can:
- Uncover valuable efficiencies that can more than pay for the task.
- Can give you a competitive advantage.
- Can show your customers that you know what you are doing and how you are doing it.
- Inspire confidence in customers and auditors alike.
- Enhances business value by demonstrating that your company is as or more professional than your competitors.
- Allows you to better communicate needs and requirements to your vendors and suppliers.
- Builds confidence and understanding in your workforce by showing them why things work as they do.
- Can help you to discover problems before they happen.
- Can help you more rapidly respond to problems when they occur.

What to expect in a Process Mapping Engagement:
- WSI will facilitate the entire process with you and your team of explaining the current process.
- WSI will document the process as we go, reviewing the documentation with you and your team at the start of each session.
- WSI will produce the documentation for you, minimizing disruption to your busy schedule.
- WSI uses the latest tools and technology to produce your process documentation and share it with your team.

Please Contact WSI today to discuss your process mapping needs.

Common Process Mapping Questions

We have a need for someone to come to our location and help us with some programming. Can you help?

You bet. This is a great opportunity to have a WSI programmer come to your location and code at your office. This allows you to have daily and direct contact with the programmer and complete your project in a timely manner.

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We're located a long distance from your offices. Can you still help?

Absolutely!!! WSI has performed a number of personnel assignments many hundreds and thousands of miles away from our offices.

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